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This is my personal web-site home page. It s always growing as I learn new techniques, please be patient if something doesn't work.

However, please report any failed links to me-by email  

We are members of St Peters IPC church  - click to see the St Peters IPC website 

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  • Botany/Gardening

  • Church/Theology

  • Computing

  • CFS/ME

Photo Album  - three grandchildren 



There are a few family photos and the album now includes Ian and Buffy's wedding in Iowa and a few of our delightful granddaughter



I support various Software applications, these include:

  • L'Abri Address system used by  L'Abri UK

  • Elim Church Accounts System

  • L'Abri Library maintenance system (used by L'Abri UK)


I also have several codelets of Superbase Tips which are freely available - but you use them at your own risk.



 (For copies of Trinity Sermons, Address lists, BETS Training and any questions about Trinity please email Trinity Church or see their website)

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