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 10 March 2013
Creation and Evolution #3  Creation Now
Proverbs 8:22-36
PEC 3 of 3 On Creation, Evolution and Creation Now
 24 February 2013
Creation and Evolution #2 What Men Say - and Why?
Romans 1:20-32
PEC 2 of 3 on Creation, Evolution and Creation Now
 03 February 2013
Creation and Evolution #1 What God Said
Hebrews 11:1-6
PEC 1 of 3 on Creation, Evolution and Creation Now
 13 Jan 2013
 Mark 2: The beginnings of opposition
Mark 2:1-3:6
IPC part of Mark series
 28 Oct 2012
 What is a Covenant? - what is THE Covenant?

 21 Oct 2012
 Our Great High Priest
Hebrews 5:1-11
Petersfield Evangelical
15 July 2012
What to do when it is your friends who are causing you problems
Acts 21:1-15
Petersfield Evangelical
 08 July 2012
 1 Corinthians 9 "But I DO have the right to eat"
 1 Corinthians 9
 IPC Part of 1 Corinthians
10 June 2012
Baptism of  Emmaline Natalie Noel Barrs

Baptism of my grandaughter
 13 May 2012
 Minor Prophets(12) Malachi and Conclusion
 IPC Minor Prophets
 15 April 2012
 Minor Prophets(11) Zechariah
 IPC Minor Prophets
 08 January 2012
 Minor Prophets(10) Haggai
 IPC Minor Prophets
 06 November 2011
 Hebrews 6 "If Christ is the answer, what is the question?"
 Hebrews 6
 IPC Part of Hebrews series
 14 August 2011
 Minor Prophets(09) Zephaniah
 IPC Minor Prophets
01 May 2011 Labour - Labour Day Topical Petersfield Evangelical
03 April 2011 Minor Prophets(08)_ Habakkuk Habakkuk IPC Minor Prophets
13 December 2010 Minor Prohets(07)_Nahum Nahum IPC Minor Prophets
10 August 2010 Minor Prophets(06)_Micah Micah IPC Minor Prophets
18 April 2010 Doubting Thomas John 20:24-31 Petersfield Evangelical
11 April 2010  Minor Prophets(05)_Jonah Jonah IPC Minor Prophets
06 December, 2009 Minor Prophets (04) Amos Amos IPC Minor Prophets
23 August,  2009 Acts 19 The Holy Spirit Acts 19:1-7 IPC Brief Teaching given at very short notice
02 August,  2009 Minor Prophets (03) Joel Joel IPC Minor Prophets 
10 May, 2009 Minor Prophets (02) Hosea Hosea IPC Minor Prophets
22 March, 2009 Minor Prophets (01) Intro and Obadiah Obadiah IPC Begin series on Minor Prophets 
07 December, 2008 Christ as Prophet   IPC Advent Sermon - IPC
  we moved from Trinity to IPC September 2008    
16 June, 2008 John 7:1-24 Thinking Correctly John 7:1-24 Part of John Series (Trinity)
30 March, 2008 John 3:22-4:3 Seeing things God's way John 3:22-34:3 Part of John Series (Trinity)
29 August 2007 Prayer - as instructed: The Lords Prayer Matthew 6:9-15 In Trinity
28 October 2007 Salvation History (4) Psalm 135 Part of a series of Psalms (Trinity Church)
03 June, 2007 Lords Supper devotional Matthew 22:1-4 In Trinity whole families are present so it is aimed to be understood by young people too
29 April, 2007 Recovering the Rainbow - Worship of Christ   Trinity
18 March, 2007 Acts 25-26 Trial before Festus and Agrippa Acts 25-26 Continuing in  Acts  (Trinity Church)
11 February, 2007 Acts 21a How to deal with different opinions  Acts 21:1-27 Continuing  the series in  Acts  (Trinity Church)
07 January, 2007 Lord's Supper devotional  
In Trinity whole families are present so it is aimed to be understood by young people too
17 December, 2006 Acts 17 The Church has one message to everyone Acts 17:1-34 Part of a series on Acts given in Trinity Church
05 November, 2006 Gideon Judges 6-8

The first sermon preached  by me for 11 years and the first in  my own church for 20 years - given at very short notice because the pastor was taken ill

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